Homily January 15, 2017 the 2nd Sunday Ordinary Time

2-sunToday’s readings are very much a continuation of the Feasts of Epiphany and the Baptism of Jesus. In the early centuries, those two feasts were seen in the gentile world as the beginning or manifestation of Christ becoming human and taking on redemption. Isaiah talks of the servant as the light to the nations for salvation to reach to the ends of the world. John’s gospel has no account of Jesus’ baptism, but as we heard it has his testimony as to who Jesus is. “Lamb of God” is a familiar term to us as we say it every Sunday. To the Jews, it was an animal sacrificed to God in the temple. Yet, if we look at the Aramaic word(spoken by Jesus and his 4x5 originalpeers), ‘tayla’, The word is rendered lamb, but also is rendered as slave or also as servant. Most likely John probably was alluding to both meanings, Jesus as a sacrificial lamb, but also as the servant of God. Certainly, Jesus’ suffering and death were a central part of salvation, the whole of salvation was his acceptance of servant hood to become human and be obedient to God the Father in carrying out all that entailed. In doing this he extended God’s love to creation in a way that salvation became open to those who can find and accept God’s love. Christ’s life, death and resurrection overcame the sin of the world, but now humanity must learn to accept their weakness and reach out and share God’s love and receive His mercy and forgiveness as they individually journey to the Father. All those we touch with love, are in some way enriched with God’s love. That is one reason that as Christians we should always be on guard to look out and care about and for our brothers and sisters wherever we encounter them. It is always the little things that people remember and see and are drawn to when they meet Christ’s love. His spirit and love are given to us in the first Sacraments we get, and in the Eucharist we receive each week. Let us joyfully share that love.


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