Homily January 8, 2017 Epiphany of the Lord

jan-8-2Today we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany. In early time in the eastern church it was linked with Jesus Baptism as the manifestation of Jesus and beginning of his mission. It has now become the end of the Christmas season. Three wise men from the east come searching for the child Jesus, the light of the world. As Christians, we know Christ and his message and mission well. We know him as the God-man who has made his love a real and special way for salvation. As chosen followers of his we have a special mission to love, reach out and share that message. Yet if we look around, Christianity has in ways failed. Even among Christians, we separation, jealousy, claims of ownership of “the way” or being the one true religion. Yet our God is God of all, of Christians, Jews, Muslims and all the rest of the world. God is a God of love and he love all of is creatures. Do we not become like children of a family asking a parent who do you love more? Does God love the non Christians of the world any less than us? Or is that we are more like a dysfunctional family failing in the most basic thing a family does in loving.jan-8
Throughout time, our “fallen” nature has led us to many faults and flaws in our nature which has resulted in eons of dysfunction. The child Jesus was a light to the world when he came, yet only in suffering and the cross did he achieve what he came for. Certainly his followers have achieved a lot, but have we gone and changed the whole world? Do we look out and care for the countless millions throughout the world in need of hearing and experiencing God’s love? This day of epiphany as we recall the revelation of Jesus to the gentile, non-Jewish world, have we followed Jesus’ command”Love one another as I have loved You?”


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