2-adventAs the second week of Advent begins, we once again see the appearance of John the Baptist. John at the time of Jesus’ birth would have himself been an infant. Yet, in the view of the church and the liturgical year, the birth of Christ is seen in the context of Christ’s birth, ministry, death and resurrection. As a prophet John played an important part and so in preparation for celebrating Christ’s birth, John the Baptist is brought forth to remind us how to prepare, even as to how the prophets of old spoke to the people. Repairing ourselves and our relationships, seeking peace with our neighbor and those around us and looking out for the poor and others who can not adequately care for themselves are all important things. All of us are called to do these things. Truly it is an always type of thing we are called to do, but often need to be reminded. How often do we lose sight of others and focus on ourselves. Only by prayerfully looking into ourselves can we reach out and do what our commitment to faith and love calls for us to do.2-advent-1
John’s call to repent is to ask us to do just that. In ancient times, water, fire, wind(spirit) were considered liquids. Water was for cleaning, refreshing, renewing. His baptism was meant to do just that. For John, Jesus would baptise with fire and the spirit. He would purify by fire and renew and unite us to him and the trinity through 2-advent-2the spirit. So, we see John’s mission was one to introduce and prepare for the whole of Christ’s mission. His birth was also a preparation for the birth of Jesus as he was the one chosen to make the way for he who was to come.
All of which leaves a practical question for each of us, and that is, What have we done and what are we doing to prepare for Christmas?


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